Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pictures from the Market

Pig heads... at least i thought they were from a pig when I took the picture... but now that I look at them the nose seems far too long... something nasty nonetheless.

Turtles, turtle innards, and turtle eggs

The hottest peppers you would ever care to eat.


Here in Perú pollution seems to be quite rampant and few if any of the locals seem to care. There is no thought whatsoever given to littering, sewage treatment, or air quality - our emmisions standards here are that if you can get your old engine to run it passes the emmisions test even if it fills the street behind it with black smoke. I once watched horrified on a boat on Lake Titicaca while the driver emptied the trash can on board into the crystal clear lake just a few minutes from the port - probably trying to save himself the work of hauling the half pound of bottles and wrappers half a dozen yards across the beach when he came in. The boy in the picture at right I observed in Inahuaya throwing plastic cups into the river. In the picture he is still playing with the last of about half a dozen which he threw into the river one by one waiting 'till each one had sunk out of sight before throwing the next. I asked him if he had thought that putting trash in the river made it look ugly pointing out some of the litter along the bank. His innocent reply was that whatever he throws in here floats a long ways away and he doesn't have to look at it. I then asked him what he thought about the idea that enough trash in the river could start killing fish and animals and once again he pointed out what to him was quite obvious: that there are lots of fish and animals and that they would always be here.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Here is a picture of the waterfalls we went to on our trip to Iquitos. As John's blog has a very detailed account of what we did and saw I will not repeat it here but rather show a picture of the main falls.
Take note that part of the falls is coming out of, rather than over the rock... this water is far to hot to get in and even the main part of the falls is warmer than your average hot tub.