Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Peaks

Our hike started at the end of a little spur off the road to Adirondak lodge (to save ourselves the $9.00 parking fee) The trail in to Marcy dam was a road at one time so the trail was smooth with no steep inclines and the bridges were strong and wide... after that we had more typical adirondak trails.
Take a careful look at the last line of the sign that someone scratched in. This, to me, is by far the most important.
(left to right: me, Joel , and Brian )

From on top of Wright you can see heart lake between us.

Our second peak was Algonquin and if you have a good imagination you can picture Iroquois behind us.
The last peak for the day was Iroquois where we got a good view of flowed lands, which, I must say I have a warm spot in my heart for. We stopped to take a dip in one of the creeks on the way back down (I think my feet were numb before the rest of my body hit the water) and then hiked back out by Avalanch lake.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

18 mile day off

From the top of Mt. Marcy looking down on the world... or at least the state.

Joel hiking down Marcy towards Skylight
From the top of Skylight with Marcy in the background.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Yesterday on my day off I went to Eagles Nest Cave with our maintenance director, Joel Kurtz, our camp cook Cassie, and our camp directors daughter Amanda. My first experience underground (except for a couple guided walks with electric lights overhead) was well worth the time it took to put a chinstrap on one of the camps hardhats and ask Joel a billion questions as to what else I should bring. The hike up was beautiful (as you can see above) and as we entered the cave we did not make many arrows pointing to the entrance because there were already quite a few there. Lauri, our maintenance director knew the cave and had the gear that we used but, once we got deep into it and decided to start heading out we discovered that we had followed arrows into a series of several vertical circles with many dead ends leading off of them that we went through many times before finally finding our way out. In one place several arrows pointed into a hole that ended within three feet and appeared to have been recently blocked up possibly by an earthquake or something. We finally found our way out when we stumbled upon the bottom of the rope we had rappelled in on and allowed to fall farther down a hole below us before going around a different way.
Joel Kurtz is helping Amanda off with her figure eight.