Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I have discovered that it is painfully difficult for me to learn something I can't apply. This Spring when I went through a week of training to work with the horses at camp I took a test to see how I learn best and came out as almost exclusively a kinesthetic learner - I need something that I can put my hands on (or imagine putting my hands on) and work with. Today in Circuit Analysis class the concept of a capacitor came to life for me as I realized exactly how it could be used - and how simply: just connect it to a power supply such as a battery for a few seconds and then bring it to whatever you want to shock (first I'll need to embroider our doormat with copper wire so that when little brothers come with their bare feet....). Another concept that was hard for me in Statics class two years ago was Inertia - but having it explained through demonstration in Physics class it is many times easier to calculate - even thought the formulas haven't changed a bit. I believe that it is for people like me that God has given us so many illustrations and symbols of who he is and what his nature is. Jesus spoke in parables so that, among other reasons, people could understand things of a nature that, had they been explained directly, would not have been understood or accepted. Since He continually pointed to things around Him with which his listeners were familiar, all could understand deeper truths than those who had studied the scriptures to great length outside the context of the nature and work in which Jesus had grown up. The more I experience God's creation in nature (and now even more so through the laws of physics) the more I am able to understand Him and His word.