Monday, November 5, 2007


A hitchhiker with a large pack was thumbing a ride one bitter cold afternoon. The gusts of wind were driving sleet and rain so that it stung his face when it hit and sent chills down to his bones. When he didn't think he could take any more, a kind hearted farmer stoped to give him a lift. He gratefully climbed in the cab of the farmers truck and took his seat all the while telling how thankful he was that he no longer needed to walk in the bitter cold. After a few miles the farmer asked why he still had on his heavy backpack; the reply came back that, since the farmer had already been so kind in picking him up and giving him a ride when the alternative was so miserable, it wasn't fair to make the farmer carry both him and his pack along on their journey.

Are you still carrying a burden that has already been taken care of?