Friday, December 14, 2007

Peruvian Ingenuity

Unfortunately these are not recent pictures; I wanted to show Brent a picture of my framing hammer. While I was looking for it I found a few other pictures and although anyone interested in them has probably already seen them I will post them anyways.

For lack of a plane to cut back the wood covering the door frame I become a machete carpenter (and you thought a jack knife carpenter was bad)

When one wants to be sure that their sewer drains away from the house and doesn't have surveying equipment... you us a string with a line level and then mark on a board to make sure that the depth of the ditch increases an inch for every four feet it travels.

This is a hinge I saw for the grate covering an electric meter which is made from two links of a motorcycle chain (you will notice that the grate itself is made of rebar)

This high tech paintbrush is made from a stick, good old duck tape, and dog hair... it served its purpose well.

And finally the picture that the post was made for, when one is faced with tough wood and big nails you need a framing hammer (Brent's blog isn't really about a framing hammer but his mention of the wood sparked my memory back to this bit of ingenuity of which I am quite proud)