Monday, April 14, 2008

Work Boots

After thousands of hours of faithful service and paying for themselves hundreds of times over my dearly beloved boots have been laid to rest. Carrying me to five countries and from the Ocean to over 17,000 feet (high that is... each one has only ever carried one foot) these boots have served their purpose well.
The first sign I had that they were needing replacement was when, while hiking one Sabbath afternoon during family camp at camp Cherokee the tread came loose in the front of one boot so that it was only connected at the heel and made a sound like an exaggerated flip-flop while walking. Some duct tape soon kept the tread from flapping until I was able to staple it back on and bend the staples over to keep them from falling out, then later when the back came loose some drywall screws remedied the new situation so that the original glue and stitching had been completely replaced. When I returned to MI for school last fall I was able to get another pair but chose to continue using these ones for work and wearing the new pair to school. As the winter wore on several of the lace eyes fell out and both "laces" (lengths of hard nylon string from Peru that replaced the original laces) broke and had the broken ends tied back together. While thinning timber this spring with my grandpa my right boot would fill up with sawdust from the hole in the side and finally the steel toe fell out thus requiring another application of duct tape to fix them. Last week while I was in the local farm supply store I saw that their boots were on sale and decided it was time to get a replacement for what I have been wearing to school so that I could wear my purchase of last fall to work. Upon arriving home I unceremoniously threw the boots pictured below into the trash. As I write I am wearing my third pair of Caterpillar boots with which I am still quite pleased.

But you know, sometimes the strangest things happen... after throwing those boots in the trash and never expecting to see them again I found them the next morning cleaned, oiled, and sitting above my dresser as if they had feelings for me and didn't want to let me go like that. (Just kidding)

Thursday, April 3, 2008