Sunday, May 18, 2008

Musroom Hunting

Over the past few weeks I have spent quite a little time searching for morels. As always seems to happen I started off being grateful any time I found a single small mushroom - as the season progressed I got more spoiled and began thinking of small solitary mushrooms as more of a nuisance and was more grateful when I found bigger mushrooms in pairs or triplets. Before coming back to NY (where there don't seem to be morels even though the climate is virtually the same) I went out and found 103 mushrooms in a patch the size of my living room and in another place there were a dozen or so nice big ones along a row of trees. This afternoon we will eat the shoe box full I brought out here and then be required to do without until next spring when the hunt will continue.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Power Supply

This past week I have occupied my time helping to remodel a home here in Berrien Springs. Most of the things I worked on in the house had an air of economy about them but nothing was poor enough quality (for the time period in which it was installed) to frustrate me. Most things had been built or installed to make the house normal - there was nothing spectacular or unusual about such things as choice in paint color, light fixtures, doorknobs etc. - everything was normal except one thing that is.

Whoever had owned the house seems to have used home wiring as their outlet for artistic expression and had come up with many very creative and amusing ways of laying out different circuits. Some were just plain frustrating, others made me feel like a genius when I finally cracked the code and could rewire things to be normal, but one junction box made me laugh out loud.

I was changing electrical outlets in the living room and noticed there being two receptacles within a foot of each other but in separate boxes. I thought it a bit odd but, after changing the receptacle in the first box, I proceeded to the second. As I unscrewed the receptacle it fell out into my hand with no wires connected to it. The junction box didn't have any wires in it either and, upon examination, never had been hooked up at all as none of the holes where wires would come in had been punched out.

I think many of us are like this receptacle at times - we have the same bright smile on our face as the receptacle next to us and appear in all ways identical... yet when we are not connected to the main power supply we have no value in ourselves and nothing to share with others.

The first outlet received a new body, the body of the second outlet was thrown away and there will be a blank cover placed over it's empty box.