Monday, June 2, 2008

Barn Floor

The previous owner of our house had put down 3/8" plywood for part of the barn floor and over the past few years it has been telling us that it doesn't appreciate us renting it out to hold cars and boats for the winter - it tells us this by letting their tires break through the thin plywood and sink in between the beams supporting it. We (or more accurately I, with the occasional assistance of some slave labor pictured above) have been replacing the painfully thin plywood with planks that are more than five times thicker which means that the old beams supporting the floor will break long before these boards will. Even though these boards are not as dense as certain other "tablonas" I have worked with, the moment of inertia (due to their length) is sufficiently great as to make my mind wander while I work with them, back in time to other experiences I've had with large lumber.