Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Inspired by Christy's post and the increased talk of personalities after many of the staff took the test here at camp I took the test last night and determined that I am in fact what I thought I was (an ISTJ). Kristin had evidently just been telling Bekah that I had a "strong personality"... which could be shown by my exceptionally high scores (see Christy's post for the scores of a more well rounded person). I am still not sure that I am quite as strong a "J" as this test indicates but the rest seem pretty reasonable.

The scores (out of 20)

Extrovert: 3
Introvert: 17
Sensate: 19
Intuitive: 6
Thinker: 20
Feeler: 5
Judging: 18
Percieving: 6