Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Graduate school

In some ways I feel as though I have become the black sheep of the blogging world since I have not posted anything for so long despite the wide variety of things I have been up to.

I spent this summer working for a logger that is based here in Berrien Springs but due to the logging being slow I was able to learn far more than how to cut a tree (something I found I still needed to learn after years of cutting firewood, thinning timber, and, of course, clearing the rainforest in Peru). Besides logging, the guy I worked for does storm cleanup work (and always seems to be wishing for another “Katrina”) as well as selling log-length firewood. He also does or at least helps with larger tree service jobs. I spent the majority of my time either with a chainsaw (Stihl saws ranging from 44cc to 66cc with 32” bars) or in a tracked bobcat with a log grapple on it – but I also spent plenty of time sharpening chainsaws (he said I was the first person to work for him that could do it properly without extensive training) hand work, servicing equipment, trucking, and anything else that needed doing.

As the summer progressed I continued to pray and seek for God’s guidance as to what I should do next – as is sometimes the case it seemed as though He was being silent. I began to weigh options in my own head and had tentatively decided not to go back to school right away and figured I would work to pay off the school loan I had accrued in my last year of school and then go help out at some mission project. God, however, intended for me to return to school and as soon as I began telling people that I probably wouldn’t, He made quite clear that I should. Between what I was reading for my devotions, what I was reading for pleasure, my work, and my dialogue with the biology faculty it seemed that all of a sudden everything was pointing towards my returning for a master’s in biology. I have now embarked on a new chapter of life as a graduate student and so far am enjoying the change and grateful to know with certainty that I am where God wants me to be. I look forward to learning what He has in store for my life but right now I must do my best with what He has given me.