Thursday, July 28, 2011




I was asked to build a counter in the lab where systems physiology and cellular & molecular biology are taught - here is what I came up with. My understanding is that a moveable cart will be put back in front of the door (it is a rarely used access to the roof) and the other spectrophotometers/computers from the first picture (or their replacements?) will go on the counter.

*I find it humorous that the last time this room was painted the electrical conduit was not painted behind some moveable object as can be seen in the second picture.


Caitlin said...

very very nice! Good work :) That looks like an inviting work space instead of clausterphobicly cluttered!

Jonas said...

1. Strong -- check.
2. Functional -- check.
3. Beautiful -- check... (well, for its purpose :)

Good job!